About Us

The Lagi Nadeau collection is as unique, feminine and quirky as its namesake designer. Lagi, who’s background is both Samoan and French, strives to surprise her client each season, with innovative finishing that makes each of her garments truly a piece of art. The collection infuses high design with technically savvy tailoring, and finishes it all with kisses of unexpected boho detailing.

As the grand-daughter of an accomplished artist, she was always encouraged to express herself and her uniqueness through design, and her brand is no exception. Post graduating from the coveted Fashion Institute of Technology, with accolades, she apprenticed and refined her craft within other design teams, including the house of Tahari. After shadowing some of the masters in brand building, Nadeau understands the importance of designing clothing that women want to wear, and feel amazing in. Nothing makes her happier or inspires her more than seeing women IN her clothing. Nearly each and every piece can be worn day into night, and promises to add a playful, romantic and flirty touch to any wardrobe.

Photo credit: Robbie Quinn Photography